4 May 2007

Just a little Birthday card, TO MYSELF!! Is that sad? It's sad isnt it?
But nah, i got presents and cards and shit from people... i know people! Get off my back!

So yeah, anyways, its mah Birthday. Woop

30 April 2007

Im sorry to say that I will no longer be making comics over the weekends. This is purely because I suck and I cant come up with an idea every single day. Gimme a freakin break people (o.0) whadya' want from me? Consistancy?

P.S. Sorry if you're not a fan of WoW but through my relatively short time with the game
(only a couple of weeks worth of solid gameplay, not much really ^.^;) i've picked up on a goldmine of satyrical material. *Nerd-Fest*